Before a company even considers an IPO it must internally audit whether it’s in a position to do so with a full business review. Understanding the issues that IPO cause and if the company can deal with the issues as they arise.

Potential Issues

By undertaking an internal audit, its allow the company to understand and identify issues and then deal with them before the process begins. Planning and assessing in advance will help save both time and money, avoiding any issues that may arise when the IPO starts, therefore being prepared and more likely to complete the IPO transaction.

The company needs to assess;

  • Corporate Structure
  • Board structure
  • Board & Senior Management Abilities
  • Corporate Governance analysis
  • Any issues that would prevent listing
  • Deal-Structuring
  • Tax check-up & requirements
  • Internal Controls review

Pre IPO: Exploring IPO Options

Exploring IPO Options

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