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Having successfully taken businesses through the IPO (Initial Public Offering) process, the experience within the CFPro team gives you the assurance that you will have the senior finance support necessary to guide you.

An IPO is a transformational event for any business, and you need to be ready to deal with the additional demands and scrutiny that being a public company brings. Executing an IPO is challenging and key to its success is ensuring that you are fully prepared and have sufficient time and resource to dedicate to managing the process, as well as operating the business as usual.

Corporate Governance

Good governance is important for all public companies as it is the system in which companies are directed and controlled. As the cornerstone of any strategic business planning initiative, a solid corporate governance structure enables confident growth while demonstrating accountability, mitigated risk and business confidence to key stakeholders, investors and the market at large.

Corporate governance is no longer something that is limited only to the larger, listed companies, but a critical business tool used to demonstrate strong governance structures and transparency, all in the aim of instilling business confidence in potential funders.

In the UK, the UK Corporate Governance Code sets out the standards of good practice in relation to such issues as board leadership, composition, succession and evaluation, company purpose, remuneration, audit, risk and control. Companies quoted on the Premium segment of the Main Market have to provide a statement in their annual reports, detailing how they comply with principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code, or explain why not

There is no mandatory code for AIM companies or [AQSE companies], best practice is to provide some level of disclosure – either with reference to the UK Corporate Governance Code or the Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) Corporate Governance guidelines for AIM companies.


Company Secretarial

The business world is evolving, and instead of becoming simpler, businesses are having to prepare for more complex, more agile, more proactive business practices than ever before. The development of collaborative communities, and a strongly funding-based economy, the pressure on business owners and leadership teams to keep their teams updated, refreshed and on side is becoming paramount. Regulations are becoming tighter, customer demand more powerful, and the need for a solid communications strategy and management for your Board of Directors is critical.

As a public company, It is essential that consideration is given to the role of the company secretary as they play a pivotal role of supporting the directors run the company. If a company does not employ an in-house company secretary, it is common that the role is outsourced to a corporate services business.

At a high level, the role of the company secretary is to ensure the company meets both statutory and regulatory compliance requirements by attending board and shareholder meetings, providing Board and committee support and company filings.

Company Secretary’s draw expertise from a vast array of areas and duties can include:

How we can help?

As a public company, managing compliance and monitoring changes to regulation and legislation becomes increasingly challenging. CFPro’s corporate governance support services ensure that clients meet their statutory and legal compliance responsibilities in a dynamic environment of increasing regulation.

Services include:

Corporate Governance support

Compliance reviews, policy & procedures evaluation and support, Interim and Permanent Senior Management Support.

Company Secretarial

Company secretary role, corporate document preparation and maintenance, managing shareholder documents, Board reviews, managing shareholder registers.

Employee share option schemes

Support and implementation.

EIS administration

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