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IPO Process

From the kick off meeting to the pricing of the IPO, the IPO process largely involves diligence and the preparation of the required regulatory documentation (Main Market: registration document, prospectus; AIM admission document) as well as management of a number of advisers to deliver key requirements, introducing additional demands on business resource.

Key IPO Process workstreams

Key to executing a successful IPO is:

Trusted & experienced teams of advisers

Building the right team of trusted advisers around you will be critical to drive the process. Choose the right advisers for you and the company, who not only have the relevant experience and credentials but more importantly understand the key drivers of the business and your priorities.

CFPro has an extensive network with the corporate advisory community which is invaluable for the companies we work with. Having successfully taken businesses through the IPO process, the experience within CFPro gives you and your advisers the assurance that you will have the senior finance support necessary to guide you through the execution of the IPO and beyond.

Key advisers & their responsibilities for a UK IPO

Our specific IPO support covers:

Selling the IPO

Indicative marketing timetable

The main marketing of the company and its IPO to potential investors takes place in the last six to eight weeks of the IPO process, as the due diligence and documentation workstreams are well underway and will be nearing completion.

Once the numbers in the financial statements and forecasts are fixed, the research analyst(s) can complete the preparation of their research note on the company. The company’s intention to float is then released to the market and the IPO moves into its public phase. The research note is distributed to potential investors which lays the groundwork for the management roadshow which takes place 1-2 weeks later.

As the book begins to build, the documentation will be finalised, the share price agreed, and the company will be formally admitted to trading. This is the culmination of many months of hard work and the point at which the company will start life as a public company.

An IPO is a transformational event for any business, and CFPro works with our clients to ensure they are ready to deal with the additional demands and scrutiny that being a public company brings.

Prepare for life as a public company

As businesses look towards the public markets, instilling a culture of financial discipline, reporting and corporate governance is key. Please contact us for further information on how CFPro can help you.